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Pet Insurance

We strongly recommend pet insurance because compared to even 10 years ago, so much can be done now to diagnose and treat disease, but of course the more that is done the more it costs. Treatments include operations like spinal surgery or hip replacement surgery, but can also include serious medical problems and management of these can easily run to several thousand pounds. In addition, many dogs and cats suffer from chronic disease and require lifelong therapy. By doing all tests necessary to make a diagnosis, treatment is more likely to be successful, but may need to be life long. Some conditions need referral to specialist centres such as The grove in Fakenham, Dick White Referrals or the AHT both at Newmarket.

Policies tell you what you can claim per condition, but read the small print. MANY HAVE A TIME CLAUSE (eg 12 months), as well. In effect, if your pet suffers from a problem needing long-term treatment, you can only claim for the first year of treatment. Therefore be careful when comparing premium costs: you may not be comparing like with like. If in doubt ask the company whether, with the policy you have chosen, you will be able to claim year after year for chronic problems like arthritis, heart problems or skin disease. Read the small print!  Be warned, “cover for life” may mean different things to different policy providers.  

For all claims (or a combination) you will have to pay an excess.  This may be a fixed excess or a percentage of the claim.  If you choose a policy with a percentage excess, ask yourself if you can afford to pay the percentage of a maximum claim.  For example a 15% excess of a £6000 claim is £900. It is wise to find out what happens to your cover when your pet reaches old age, but be aware that policies can change during the life of your pet.

Types of Insurance cover:

Lifelong Cover:

  1. A maximum amount is given each year for all conditions 

  2. A maximum amount is given each year per condition. 

Individual Condition Cover

Annual Cover

  1. The policy will cover a condition from the onset of the condition for 12 months 

  2. The condition may only be covered until the renew date 

All will exclude pre-existing illnesses.  This is unlikely to be a problem if you start insurance from the time you first acquire your pet.  Also excluded will be routine health care (vaccinations, neutering unless for medical reasons, worm and flea treatments). Some policies exclude ALL dental treatment; others will cover dental treatment if disease is present. Hereditary and congenital conditions may or may not be covered.  Congenital problems are those present from birth, but remember, if the condition has been diagnosed before insurance is taken out, it will not be covered.  

Remember: Notify your insurance company as soon as possible if you think or know you are going to make a claim. If your insurance company have failed to settle a claim, in the first instance contact them with your concerns. If you ultimately believe the claim should be settled in your favour, please contact us for further advise.