Broadland House Veterinary Surgery, Stalham (Norfolk)

Our Services

At Broadland House we have a range of services and equipment that help us to provide the best care for your pets!

Our services include: Theatre:

We have a fully equipped sterile theatre purposely built with anaesthetic machines for both routine surgery and more advanced surgery. Monitoring is done by a professional nurse during the op and throughout recovery.

Laboratory: Hospitalisation and Kennels

Nurses regularly check all in-patients and intensive care is given to those that need it. If an animal is staying with us for on-going treatment, owners are welcome to come visit. We usually do this at a time that is quiet and convenient for you and for us.

History Of Broadland House

Broadland House vets in Stalham has been a veterinary surgery for more than 45 years. It was first owned by John Millar in the late 70's called 'J.A Miller Veterinary Surgeon', and to start with was a mixed animal practice, treating both farm animals and companion animals.

In 1983 Peter Dobromylskj started work alongside John and then in 1987 Peter became a partner. John retired in 1991 and in 1992 Sarah Lloyd, Peter's Wife, joined the partnership. Sarah became the principal in 2006 when Peter moved on from the practice and Hilary who had been locuming at the time, became a Veterinary Assistant.

In 2008 Hilary joined the partnership alongside Sarah and became the principal in April 2011 when Sarah moved on from Broadland House.

Jane Francis, who joined the practice in 1992 is the longest serving member of the present veterinary team and is our head nurse.